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Shred Guitar Licks

If you’re new to playing guitar, you should know that to ‘shred’ your guitar has nothing to do with tearing it apart. Though guitar players who have shredded their guitars can sometimes be heard to say that they ‘destroyed’ it, in the best possible way. Shredding is a term which is generally heard when discussing louder genres of music, such as hard rock and heavy metal. It describes playing a series of very quick musical passages on the lead guitar.

Speed is the most vital aspect of shredding. If you can hit notes rapidly, your shredding technique will sound even better. Typically, guitarists who shred will play a few modes or octave scales very quickly, ascending or descending these scales. The method that they usually use is called ‘alternate picking’. Essentially, this is switching between upward and downward picking as they progress through an uninterrupted run. Shred guitar methods also incorporate tremolo picking, or playing one note with alternate picking. Economy picking, or sweep picking, is also an important shred guitar technique which mixes alternate picking and sweep picking.

Quick tapping methods are also key when understanding how to shred guitar. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to tap the guitar strings using the hand which you usually use to strum. Generally, this does not require a pick. Don’t forget that tapping sounds are made greater by turning up your amplifier. While this method is fine to use without an extremely loud amp, the amp does serve to enhance the sounds that tapping creates. his technique requires that you tap the string along the fret which you wish to play using your index finger. After you’ve mastered this technique, you can begin to experiment with the notes and scales, and even begin to involve multiple fingers into your tapping technique as you build towards the tapping lick which you’d like to play.

The whammy bar can also be used as you are shredding. Your whammy bar is typically used to produce a ‘dive bomb’ sound as you play your shredding lead. After you’ve played a note, press down on the bar and you’ll hear that note drop – similar to the sound that a bomb makes as it falls from the sky. You can produce similar sounds without the aid of a whammy bar by bending your guitar, though this can potentially put great strain on the instrument and damage it. The whammy bar makes this much safer.

Legato (or pull-offs), hammer-ons, trills, and skipping strings are all essential techniques to understand and practice when learning to shred. When you master all of these approaches and combine them, you can become a shredding expert. You’ll find many different websites which provide tips for aspiring shredders, and detailed instructions about the techniques we’ve mentioned here. Begin with these techniques and practice them until you are comfortable using them. After that, work your way towards advanced techniques, and before long, you’ll floor your friends with your amazing shredding skills.