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Total Shred Volume 1


Total Shred Vol 1(Made in 2006) Instant Digital Download

For the 1st time you can now download all 31 melodic metal guitar licks in the style of Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, among other great lead guitarists. Add powerful technique to your playing today. No boring exercises, theory, just applicable tools for your shred arsenal! Every licks is played at normal and at slow speeds with camera shots on both the left and right hands so you’ll see exactly how to play each lick. Jeff has been playing guitar since 1978 and has taught guitar for since 1986 as well as performing as a studio musician in many recording studios.

In addition to the 31 videos, I’ve included all of the guitar tabs in 1 PDF file.

The 2 videos below are licks from this package.

From: Jeff Garner

I made this guitar licks video because I personally was disappointed with most of the guitar lessons out there that don't give any substance. I have made for you 31 video lessons showing you my favorite guitar licks that I use live and in the studio. These licks are in the style of great classic shredders: Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, and George Lynch - just to name a few.

Add new and exciting techniques to your guitar playing today. No boring chromatic exercises, no mind boggling theory, just licks with SUBSTANCE that you can apply today!

Every guitar lick is played at normal and at slow speeds with camera shots on both left and right hands so you'll see exactly how to play each guitar lick.

In addition to the 31 videos, I've included all of the guitar tabs for each video in an Adobe Acrobat file .

Learn the techniques that I've been using to construct great guitar riffs for use in the studio and for fun!

Video Guitar Lesson - Contents

Guitar Lick #1 - Run in G major
Guitar Lick #2 - E minor Pentatonic Stretch
Guitar Lick #3 - A minor Legato Run
Guitar Lick #4 - 2 Hand Tapping Triads in B flat
Guitar Lick #5 - Harmonic Minor Run
Guitar Lick #6 - "Timeless" excerpt 1
Guitar Lick #7 - "Timeless" excerpt 2
Guitar Lick #8 - E minor Descending 2 hand tapping
Guitar Lick #8 - continued - Economy Picking
Guitar Lick #9 - D flat Mixolydian "winding lick"
Guitar Lick #10 - E minor "Classical" lick
Guitar Lick #11 - A minor Arpeggio String Skipping lick
Guitar Lick #12 - E Pentatonic Quad Descending Run
Guitar Lick #13 - E Pentatonic Winding Lick
Guitar Lick #14 - "Yngwie style" run 1
Guitar Lick #15 - "Yngwie style" run 2
Guitar Lick #16 - B minor Arpeggio runs
Guitar Lick #17 - E blues winding lick
Guitar Lick #18 - A minor 2 hand tapping Descending Scale
Guitar Lick #19 - 2 string winding descending lick in E minor
Guitar Lick #20 - B Pentatonic "blues screamer"
Guitar Lick #21 - C major 2 string descending in quadruplets
Guitar Lick #22 - A pentatonic 2 hand tapping lick
Guitar Lick #23 - "Timeless" excerpt 3
Guitar Lick #24 - G major Arpeggios Descending
Guitar Lick #25 - E7 Pentatonic triplet run
Guitar Lick #26 - D flat minor Scale run
Guitar Lick #27 - C major 2 string ascending run
Guitar Lick #28 - A Pentatonic reverse triplet ascending
Guitar Lick #29 - D minor Harmonic minor licks
Guitar Lick #30 - A minor Arpeggio Triplet lick
Guitar Lick #31 - A major ascending string skipping

I was surprised with the great material for only $20. You may want to add that these videos are not for beginners! Thanks-
John F.

I thoroughly enjoyed your licks. The quality is very professional and useful. All in all, your videos helped me a lot.
Billy H.

I'm very impressed with your video. It's more enjoyable than the ones I've gotten in the past from those speed demon guys.
Curtis L.

These videos are great! Very clear and easy to follow. I've played for many years; this video will give some sweet melodic ideas to any guitarist, even the most experienced ones. Simply AMAZING!
Howard M.

I just downloaded your video lessons and want to say thanks for the nice material. Definitely the best value out there for guitar lesson downloads!
Nathan P.

Thanks for the fast delivery and prompt response to my email.
Your download was well worth the money. I've purchased videos from Hot Licks and REH in the past and your vid surpasses a lot of them in excitement of new material.
John M.