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George Lynch - Creating riffs and licks using shapes from the Blues Scale

Rock Legend George Lynch discusses phrasing ideas based on pentatonic scale patterns and shares with you his viewpoint on ...

George Lynch Lesson REH Video

George Lynch REH. Video Lesson from 1990. I'm sure it will get pulled, but since I find no place it's for sale I figured what's the ...

Improvisational Techniques by George Lynch | Wicked Riffs | Guitar Lesson

George Lynch Guitar. Improvisational Techniques, Wicked Riffs. Mr. Scary Guitar Riffs Lesson ...

George Lynch guitar lesson

George Lynch guitar lesson News and Info

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Guitar World

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Watch Nova Twins' video for 'K.M.B'

George Lynch’s Mom . Influential Lynch Mob and ex-Dokken axeman George Lynch unveiled his skull and bones guitar – affectionately called 'Mom' – in the mid 1980s. Designed and hand-crafted by artist John 'J. Frog' Garcia, the guitar also featured an ESP Guitars decal on the headstock as Lynch was contracted with them at the time.