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The Type Of Jazz Licks That Make You Play Better Solos

You probably know this feeling with Jazz Licks: You have transcribed a great lick that you want to use because it sounds amazing on the album where you ...

5 Essential Major Jazz Licks

5 great jazz phrases to play over major-type harmonies. Music/tab and extra info available here: ...

43 Jazz Guitar Licks - Lessons with Tab


Jazz Guitar Licks

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The Altered Scale For Jazz Guitar (Scale Diagrams & Licks)

When you have these three sample phrases under your fingers, try experimenting with the altered scale and coming up with three or more patterns of your own that you can use in your jazz guitar soloing lines and phrases. Altered Scale ii-V-I Licks. Here are three ii-V-I licks that use the altered scale over the V7 chord in each progression.

Jazz Guitar ONLINE >> Welcome to the oldest jazz guitar ...

Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar helps you to create the authentic sound of jazz guitar, without having to learn numerous scales and modes. Based around the familiar blues progression, this book uses simple chord / scale substitution ideas to create beautiful jazz-blues lines in the style of the great jazz guitarists

Jazz Guitars Buyer's Guide - The Best Guitar For Jazz [2021]

Archtop guitars (hollow body guitars) – The archtop guitar is the quintessential jazz guitar as it has been used by numerous jazz legends throughout the history of the instrument. It is commonly associated with famous players like Wes Montgomery (Gibson L-5), Joe Pass (Gibson ES-175), and Johnny Smith (Gibson Johnny Smith Model) for example.

Guitar licks and solos for you to play - Anyone Can Play ...

Fast but Easy Licks 10 essential speedy phrases. Rose Room by Charlie Christian Let’s learn one of the all-time great jazz guitar solos. The Charlie Christian Style An in-depth look at the style of a jazz guitar legend. A Great Country Solo A look at the magnificent solo from Life’s Greatest Fool by Gene Clark.

Free Jazz Sheet Music, Lessons & Resources -

Jazz Licks & Riffs. Jazz Improv Pieces. Jazz Jam tracks. Jazz Instruments. Jazz Piano. Jazz Guitar. Jazz Violin. Jazz Flute. Jazz Saxophone. Jazz Trumpet. Jazz Clarinet. Jazz Trombone. Jazz Sheet Music Compilations. Ragtime Piano Compilation. Erroll Garner-style Jazz Piano Licks . Oscar Peterson-style