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Slash teaches Paradise City and More!

Check out this interview and lesson with Slash, as he teaches how to play Paradise City and more!

​@Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators The River Is Rising Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Stream The River is Rising: Massive shoutout to @Gibson TV for allowing me to teach you ...

Slash lesson

Slash guitar lesson

Slash guitar lesson News and Info

Ultimate Guide to Slash: Tone, Gear ... - Guitar Gear Finder

In interviews, Slash has said that any new guitar he gets, he usually just puts these pickups straight in. Slash’s Guitar Strings. Slash uses Ernie Ball Paradigm guitar strings with a gauge of 11-48. Slash uses heavier gauge strings because he tunes down as well as plays with an aggressive attack. Check out the 11-48 Paradigm Strings here.

Sweet Child O' Mine Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Guns N' Roses ...

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Slash (musician) - Wikipedia

During his first lesson, Slash decided to switch from bass to guitar after hearing Wolin play "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones. His decision to play guitar was further influenced by one of his school teachers, who would play songs by Cream and Led Zeppelin for his students. As a result, Slash stated, "When I heard him do that, I said, 'That ...

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If you want free online guitar lessons that are fun and exciting, you’ve come to the right place. You can learn guitar chords, rock, blues, jazz, harmonics, and much more. All my lessons were written because they were topics that helped me learn the guitar and have more fun! It doesn’t take as long as you think, but I’m here to encourage you along the way. If you have any questions, I am ...

November Rain Guitar Solo Lesson - Guns N' Roses - YouTube

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