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Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams Get Lucky Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

In honor of Daft Punk's recent breakup announcement, I'm teaching you how to play their classic hit, Get Lucky. Let's break it down! Become a Patron ...

Guitar Lesson: Learn how to play Daft Punk - Get Lucky (TG242)

Learn Nile Rodgers' funky guitar riff that's guaranteed to be the soundtrack to the summer of 2013. Download Total Guitar issue 242 for the accompanying ...

Get Lucky by Daft Punk/Nile Rodgers - Guitar Lesson

Please go here for more info and a transcription: Learn how to play Nile Rodgers fantastic, funky riff from Get ...

Daft Punk – Get Lucky Guitar Lesson

Daft Punk – Get Lucky Guitar Lesson News and Info

Nile Rodgers - Wikipedia

Nile Gregory Rodgers Jr. (born September 19, 1952) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, record producer, and arranger.The co-founder of Chic, Rodgers has written, produced, and performed on albums that have sold more than 500 million units and 75 million singles worldwide. He is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a three-time Grammy Award-winner, and the chairman of the ...

Boss Katana - Learn how to play guitar with

Get Lucky (Daft Punk) TSL. Next up, Toby and I thought we'd have some fun getting a funky Get Lucky sound - the Nile Rodgers sound was (rumoured) to be had by just plugging straight into a recordin...

How To Use A Capo In 3 Easy Steps - National Guitar Academy

Over 100,000 guitar-learners get our world-class guitar tips & tutorials sent straight to their inbox: ... this is the most important part of this lesson.. Using a capo. ... ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk (Capo on 2) Chords: Am7, C, Em, D

50 Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners That Sound Amazing

1. Get Lucky (Daft Punk) This four-chord song is a crowd favorite that inspires others to do the singing for you. It also works great for practicing your funky strumming. Get Lucky Lyrics and Chords. Get Lucky YouTube Video. 2. Englishman in New York (Sting) Upon first listen, it sounds like there’s so much more going on.

100 Piano Pop Songs Kids, Teens & Adults Will All Love ...

The Best Piano Songs Ever: Pop Edition. Since every generation has its own pop music favorites, we are breaking down our list into categories for kids, teens, and adults. The best pop piano repertoires will have selections from each one of these sections, so check out recommended tunes for each age group.