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3 Akira Takasaki Licks From 1983

Here's the next Three-For-All Lesson with 3 Akira Takasaki Licks From 1983. Akira is a metal and hard rock guitar legend and he ...

Jake E. Lee & Akira Takasaki Style Riffs - Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross + Tutorial

I've always liked these 2 players...So here ya go. ✝✝✝ Mike endorses Schecter Guitars & D'addario Strings http://www.

Shred Guitar In The 1980s: Greg Howe, Legato Arpeggio Guitar Lesson, Akira Takasaki and Loudness

Shred Guitar in the this episode I look at the debut of Greg Howe on Shrapnel Records and his use of finer barring for ...

Akira Takasaki guitar lesson

Akira Takasaki guitar lesson News and Info