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The world of guitar lessons and instructional material has really evolved in recent years thanks to all of the excellent resources made available online. These days there are an abundance of options for aspiring guitar players to choose from that can help them with everything from learning new techniques and riffs to complete songs. However, for most beginner guitarists and those advanced players that are unsure of where to start, the process can become quite daunting with such a massive selection of products available. Luckily, we have decided to take some time and do all of the research for you and come up with some great ideas to get you started.

In order to find a great instructional DVD that would suit a lot of our readers, we wanted to find a lesson that would offer value for the widest rang of skill levels possible. We had the pleasure of reviewing lots of great DVDs in the process, however one in particular stood out as a great candidate for this article. Speed ​​Lives 2 by the legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio has quickly become a go to DVD for guitarists of all skill levels.

The first thing that we wanted to find in the DVD was one that would keep the interest of the majority of guitarists. Speed ​​Lives 2 teaches Michael's extremely popular licks from the song Hands Without Shadows and it fit our criteria perfectly. The beauty of the lesson is the fact that it is taught at varying tempos. The licks themselves being taught are quite easy for beginner guitarists to learn at these slower speeds. On the other hand, when the riffs are played at their actual tempo, they become quite difficult to master for even experienced guitarists. This makes it a great choice for such a wide variety of players.

The next criterion we were looking for in a DVD is one that included comprehensive instruction. Speed ​​Lives 2 definitely scored well in our books in this regard and I guess its not too surprising considering the credentials of Michael Angelo Batio. As one of the world's most popular heavy metal guitarists for years, Batio is definitely more than qualified to be teaching. On top of that, its certainly not too often you are able to learn a popular song right from the person who original wrote and performed it. MAB definitely shares more than enough insight on the DVD and truly makes it easy to jump right in and start learning the techniques and riffs. We definitely have no problem with recommending this for those searching for guitar lessons for beginners or advanced players on DVD. As if these weren't enough reasons to make this lesson a great buy, the price point beats out the majority of the other lessons we reviewed as well! You definitely wont be disappointed with everything that is included with the Speed ​​Lives 2- Michael Angelo Batio teaches "Hands Without Shadows" DVD.

Speed ​​Lives 2 Teach You How to Play MAB's Masterpiece "Hands Without Shadows"

Speed ​​Lives 2 Teach You How to Play MAB's Masterpiece "Hands Without Shadows"