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I’m pretty sure that when you started to learn electric guitar, you found yourself day dreaming of playing like your favorite lead guitarists, at least a few times. Although that seemed impossible, it’s pretty much doable. Even if your idols seem to play their electric guitars so naturally and fluently, that doesn’t mean it’s pure talent. They are talented for sure, but there are years of practice and musical year training behind their skills as well. Many of them have taken classes, but there are too, genius guitarists like Jimi Hendrix or Kirk Hammett, that have built their careers without too much professional help, from screeching and buzzing up to the electric sounds of perfection. Luckily, today there’s Internet to back up your training and anyone can learn electric guitar online.

However, as I said, there’s a lot of training before becoming a good electric guitarist. But as you learn electric guitar online, there are many ways to improve your progress. So, here are three paths that you might consider stepping on, if you desire to become good with your guitar.

1. Exercise on famous riffs. There are many easy electric guitar riffs good to practice with as a beginner. A few examples you can find in “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns ‘n Roses or “Panama” by Van Halen or “Run to You” by Brian Adams. But it’s most indicated to learn and practice on your favorite riffs or songs. However, don’t get stuck just on a few bits or songs, just because you play them well and you like the way you sound as you perform. Always move on an learn new songs or riffs, and this way you’ll progress.

2. Practice on fast licks and riffs. Even if this is hard, and even if you sound really bad at the beginning, it’s good for practice for your speed and stamina. Anyway, don’t just play a fast lick or riff because it’s fast, try to perfect it until you play it properly, otherwise you will end up just screeching something that can only scare your dog. Also, learn to shred properly, and practice with hammer ons and pull offs.

3. Learn chords, lots of chords. Even if the learning of chords might sound like boring theory, chords are as important as the bricks in a wall. Without knowing chords, you won’t be able to construct something original, just get stuck with repeating something that other electric guitarists have composed. So, learn at least a few new chords every week and apply them in exercises, trying to build on them. If you learn electric guitar online, without a teacher, you will find plenty of chords to exercise with.

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Learn Electric Guitar Online – Best Ways to Improve Your Electric Guitar Progress

Learn Electric Guitar Online - Best Ways to Improve Your Electric Guitar Progress